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Training for Employers, Communities, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals

How Does TAD achieve results?

  • Identifies what training your employees want and need
  • Saves your budget by assessing and narrowing the focus of your training
  • Saves time with our training library of vetted training resources
  • Over 3,000 workshops that can be delivered on-site or virtually


Gain in-depth insight through
self-assessments and multi-rater feedback tools to accelerate learning and development.

Training Library

Virtual, on-site, public and private training, personal coaching, audio, video, books, web resources, and on-the-job activities.


Short and effective courses that give you the exact knowledge you need when you need it. Access 2,000+ courses anytime, anywhere.


Receive detalied, monthly reports that track training activity and allow you to maximize the impact of your training dollars.

Learning Partners & Sponsors